Life in Grunthal

Grunthal school

The school I taught in in Grunthal,MB

the house in grunthal

The house I lived in while in Grunthal.

Continuing with the next stepping stone which was Grunthal.
After summer school that year I moved to Grunthal. I had room and board with Mrs Peters and Sara. Another teacher, Betty Schroeder lived there as well. It was such a good place to live and they took such good care of us. Sara was a good cook and I remember on Fridays we’d always have fresh baking for supper before I headed home for the weekend.
The first year I taught a grade two class of 22 children. My classroom was in an older school with only grades 1 & 2 in this building. I enjoyed working with this class of children. The second year I had 32 grade 2 & 3’s. I enjoyed the work but the workload was heavy and by the end of that year I was really tired.
I coached the grade 3’s in soccer. They were an eager bunch and really worked hard and just about won against the older grade 4’s. The community was very accepting and it was good to be there.
The biggest thrill for me was being staff advisor for the high school Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship. The goal of ISCF is to encourage the Christian students to share their faith with fellow students. I had quite a few students who were eager to get involved. Besides meeting once a week at noon hour we had a prayer during another noon hour at a home across the street from school with 6-10 or more students coming.
I encouraged each one to pray for one friend specially and look for opportunities to share their faith. Going into the second year I asked the Lord to show these kids that prayer works. One of the boys was praying for his friend. As a group we went to a special meeting in Winnipeg and this friend came along. We were praying for him and when the altar call was given he went forward with this boy who had been praying for him. There was much rejoicing. Many years later I met him at a meeting in Winnipeg and he was now a pastor
(The Lord gives us small glimpses of the fruit of our labors).
I would go to events in the different churches to get to know the kids better and made many friends.
It was during the winter when I was suppose to go to Winnipeg one Saturday for a meeting of ISCF staff, I woke up to a snow storm. It didn’t look good, so I prayed and asked the Lord to let the sun shine by the time I was to leave if he wanted me to go. I got ready and by the time I was to leave the sun was shining, so I went to Winnipeg. Just as I drove into the edge of the city the wind came up again but I was able to go to the meeting and didn’t have to go back until the next day. That surely was a God thing for me.
Besides the regular things with ISCF in school there were times like fundraising, camp at Rock Lake and an outing to Moose Lake that helped bring the students together. A remark by one of them was that he didn’t know if his faith would have been in tact with out ISCF.
I had taken English at U of M in an evening class and now was able to get my permanent teaching certificate. Bible School had been in the back of my mind for a long time and so now
I resigned and prepared to attend Winnipeg Bible College the next year




The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Walking by Faith
The many different events that we encounter in life shape us and make us who we are. They become stepping stones in our walk of faith as we grow as a person and in the our faith in the almighty God. I trust that all that I share will be an inspiration for you and that you will see how God is at work. Then you will be able to join in praising our great Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

IMG_1127Our present home in MacGregor,MB
As I contemplate the stepping stones in my life that have made me who I am today, I have to acknowledge that God’s hand was at work each step of the way. In sitting down and thinking through the various events and situations ‘praise the Lord’ rises in my heart.
As I write these posts I want to give the Lord praise for all He has done. Our next generation needs to see how God has been at work in our lives and they can be encouraged that He will continue to work in their lives. I think we need to spend a little more time in remembering ‘all that the Lord has done.’ There have been many challenges and problems that we had to face but I want to zero in on the blessings and remember the victories won. they have made us stronger persons
He has brought us this far and will finish what He has begun.
Philippians 1:6 “being confident of this, that He that has begun a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Jesus Christ”
To understand where I’m coming from I’d like to introduce myself as a 77 year old spouse of George for 52 years, mother of 5 grown and married children and grandma to 18 grandchildren. I am a teacher by profession but also was a farmer’s wife on a small farm. After getting married and having the children, I substitute taught for 35 years.
I ‘ve been involved in various ministries around our area and church over the years and have seen God answer prayers many times.
Each stepping stone had been there to draw me closer to our Lord and prepare me for the next step in life.
We serve a great God and I look forward to sharing parts of my past that I trust will be of interest and inspire you on your journey of faith.